Tosic Wine is a family owned boutique winery which produces wines in a small village Razvodje near city of Drnis. Production of wine in small quantities is product of hard work and carefully handpicked grapes, which guarantees high quality and unique taste of wine. Tosic family is producing wine on the same family estate since the beginning of the 20th century. Several generations of family Tosic grew up on the family estate, until the year of 1991 and the beginning of war in Croatia. During the war the entire estate and vineyard were left destroyed, up until 2007 when Ivan Tosic successfully restored the estate and planted new vineyard. A family estate and old houses have kept their authentic feel and decoration, but production of wine was modernized with new equipment and modern technology. The stingy land from stone has always been a symbol of hard work and persistence, but today these are preconditions for production of premium wines. Tradition, culture and love towards wine have always been our main motives even today.



The total area of the vineyard is 6 hectares. Vineyards are located on 230 meters above sea level, on the foothill of mountain Promina. Vineyards are planted on stony ground which is fertile soil for growing grapes. The soil is sensitive to drought and provides small quantities of grapes, but they are superior quality. The entire vineyards are made of certified grape trees together in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb. The vineyards are cultivated in traditional way, with minimal usage of plant protection and fertilizers. We grow following red grape sorts: Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, and two local grape sorts Plavina and Lasin. From white grape sorts we grow local sorts Debit and Marastina.



Boutique winery Tosic is situated on family estate in foothill of mountain Promina. The grape is handpicked, with care that each grape remains preserved and in perfect condition until processing. Processing is done with modern equipment and the fermentation takes place in tanks under controlled conditions. All tanks are made of stainless steel and are equipped with cooling in order to keep excellent wine quality. After fermentation red wines mature in oak barrels. The winery is designed exclusively for its own grape processing and it is about 300 hectoliters of wine per year. Family Tosic produces premium red wine Merlot and quality wines Cuvée red and Cuvée white.



Wine produced in Dalmatia is transported in the Croatian capital Zagreb. Wine distribution and sales is done in Zagreb where we also have our special wine tasting room which is decorated in an authentic Dalmatian style and can accommodate up to 30 visitors.